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Penny Elliott Taverner Keys Barristers Solicitors Carterton

Penny Elliott, LLB


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Penny Elliott

I began practicing law in Wellington in 1984 and have worked in private practice here in the Wairarapa for 14 years.

In 2017 I was delighted when Barry Keys and I became partners in Taverner Keys & Co, a practice that he had been a partner in for fifty years.

I have always enjoyed the type of law or the areas of law which are the most relevant to the clients in our community:

  • matters relating to agriculture, horticulture and rural land
  • subdivisions
  • commercial and small business
  • matters that relate to us as we age
  • conveyancing
  • wills and estates
  • trusts

I love to talk to my clients.

I have particular knowledge and interest in English pottery, collections, orcharding, building/renovation, tramping and travelling.

I look forward to working with you.

Christin Schetter Taverner Keys Barristers Solicitors Carterton

Christin Schetter, LLB


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Christin Schetter

I started studying law part-time at Victoria University in Wellington while raising my son, farming and working a few hours a week in a family law practice. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Laws, I have been working as a Solicitor in general practice in the Wairarapa where I have acquired solid experience in the following areas:

  • conveyancing including farms
  • sale and purchase of businesses and leases
  • elder law
  • estate administration
  • relationship property
  • trusts

Of particular interest to me are matters that relate to the protection of personal and property rights, especially applications to the Family Court concerning the appointment of property managers and welfare guardians.

I like to go the extra mile for young people who are wanting to purchase their first home and get onto the property ladder.

Prior to embarking on my legal career, I gained a diploma in Agricultural Marketing and Management in Germany and I remain passionate about sustainable farming, horticulture and caring for animals. In my spare time, I love to be active – you will see me in our local gym during the week or in the Tararuas on the weekends.

I can chat, too, just like Penny – in English OR German – but to be honest I much prefer to just knuckle down and do your work!

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